What's Your Story - 2019 Entry

Digital citizen: between fellow creatures

By:   Foxy


Age Group:   8 - 12
Location:   Australia
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We might say something bad, but then we can apologise. If you talk to someone face to face, and you say something bad, they’ll know who you are and are most likely to turn you in. So you won’t say anything bad.Or, the bad thing might’ve been a joke, which your friend could tell by your face. On the internet, that’s different. We can hide in the internet’s shadow, and be a bully from there. We might be joking, but your friend might take it seriously, and be badly injured by your words. Your friendship might be damaged badly, and go from best to enemies.So, on social media: to your friends, anyone, you really have to be careful of what you say. I’ve learnt my lesson- I mean come on, I almost lost a friend! So, my advice is, if it isn’t urgent, then don’t bother with the internet. Just tell them at school, it’s much easier and less risky.