My important online safety rules to remember!

Kids must know some important online safety rules when they are using internet. If you obey and remember these important points like in my poster then you can be safe to use internet. Internet is not always a dangerous place for kids. It can be useful to learn new knowledge, to read news and get some important education too.

Age: 11

When to say Yes/No when using the Internet

My poster tells you about all the good things you can use the Internet for, like learning, fun, communication with your family and friends but also about all the things that are bad and you shouldn’t do when you use the Internet for your safety!

Age: 9

How to Make the Internet Safer for Kids

The internet can be a very dangerous place for kids so here are a few things that will keep your kids safe from the dangers of the internet. I hope you like my poster. Don’t forget to be safe.

Trying to Make the Internet Safer

A poster that helps raise awareness on cyber predators.

Age: 12

kids shouldnt use email/social media

the email thing is a way to send mean comments to people and what do kids need to do with the internet + lots of games have money buys which needs a google password and parents card number which they can gain access to …by perhaps sneaking and taking it stealing it or annoying them so much they can give them the card . that can sooner lead to being a cyber bully and will make the internet a much more dangerous place……………………………………..

Internet Safety

Keep your identity safe when you are gaming online.

Cyber Safety – Make the Right Choice

Cyber Safety – Make the Right Choice

No trolls Allowed

No trolls Allowed- Don’t be a bully on the internet be safe and nice.


Revenge on the internet can say and mean a lot of things. Maybe anger, for their own happiness? We can really never know. But we can learn from our mistakes and other peoples mistakes.

This is my Safe Internet Place

This is my Safe Internet Place – I feel safe at home