The Good Side of Internet

It is easy to communicate with friend and family. Also can watch funny video and many more other things. You can also play games like fortnight, Roblox, Red ball and Jurassic park.
It is also good because it saves time and money. Also you can buy toy, foods and furniture’s online.

Always Animal Jam

Sophia Age 6

Always connected

Emily age 8

The Good Things I See Happening on the Internet

I love the internet! I use it for many things. I like to watch videos online on Youtube and play games like Scratch Jr. I can make video calls with my grandparents and cousins who live overseas. I can also look for info to prepare my show-and-tell on the internet. My parents like the internet too. They often use it for shopping.

The internet car

I like drawing cars and playing games on the internet.

The Internet Brings People Together

The internet brings people together from all over the world and we can learn about different cultures and places. I like seeing different countries and how people live when I use Google. I get to see their homes, their pets, their food and other kids my own age. I like talking to my cousin in America and keeping in touch.

The good side of the internet!

On my poster I put a spotify picture because I love dancing to music and this is where I get my music from,
The earth on my poster stands for learning about animals and places around the world,
The paintbrush, pencil and colourful paints stand for the craft instructions I find to make cool crafts,
and the trade me logo is on there because if you sell things on trade me then you don’t have to chuck them away in the bin.

The internet lead me to mountainbiking

I am a 5 year-old girl named Emily. My parents found a kids mountain biking club on Facebook that was giving free lessons. This is why the internet is awesome and good. It has allowed me to be this cool mountaining biking chic. This club has helped shape who i am. Provided me with wonderfull mentors, forged life long friendships, taught me resilliance, to get back on when I fall. It has taught me how important it is to support all the efforts of my friends and enjoy family time with my mum dad and br other riding

The Good Side Of The Internet Through My Eyes

I like going on the internet to learn about natural disasters, especially hurricanes,and tornados, it’s interesting to see how they form but it also teaches me how scary and dangerous they can be too.
The internet can be good for talking to your family and friends too.
I really like playing games too like minecraft cause you get to be creative and the play store because you can find lots of apps with games that are good for me and my brother and my sister, but you need the internet to get these things.
Its so fun on YouTube watching funny videos.
I really like insects and the internet helps me to search and learn about the different bugs I find.
You can search and learn lots on the internet.
My poster is what the good side of the internet looks like for me.

I hope you like it.

The Good Side of the Internet

I think the Internet is great. You can watch cool stuff. You can learn all sorts of facts. You can create lots of amazing things and it is good for finding all sorts of information.