Good Digital Citizen Robot NZ

After researching about how to be a good digital citizen, I learned about being respectful online, keeping safe, standing up to cyber bullying and so much more! This gave me the great idea of making a Good Digital Citizen Robot for my poster🤖. My idea is that he teaches others these important skills and how to be a great digital citizen 🏆I think that this robot would be pretty cool and who knows, maybe one day he will become a real thing😃 I hope you like my poster on how to be a good digital citizen🤖🤩

Good Digital Citizen

My poster is about the rules of being a good digital citizen. It will help you be a nice person when using device. I have once experienced something horrible online. Someone once went on my school account and did something really horrible. He took away all the points I have earned from doing school works. It was the saddest thing in my life.

How To Be A Good Digital Citizen

I really liked doing this poster I really learned something making this poster I hope you did to.

How To Be A Good Digital Citizen

Here are 6 tips that should help to make you a good digital citizen
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How To Be A Good Digital Citizen

How To Be A Digital Citizen With El-Digital

Here Are Some Quotes, Tips And Tricks To Keep You On The Positive Digital Citizen Side Not The Negative One. This Is What I Think A Good Digital Citizen Should Follow. And Remember Always Be Responsible Towards Everyone You Meet.

I hope you learnt something from this poster and hopefully, you can implement it in your daily life too

Cartwheeling the Internet

I think communication, fundraising and research are the good things about the internet.

I have drawn the background of the poster as a universe because I think the internet is like a universe because it is so big.

Always Animal Jam

Sophia Age 6

Clarity in a confusing world

Lydia Age 9

Always connected

Emily age 8

What is the good side of the internet?

The internet has know taken over the whole world and everyone is using it daily whether it’s to check the time or research a question or to even post new photos and text on social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more. We should push the bad side away just like I wrote on the poster. Some good sides of the internet are Google, Social media, Spotify (or any other app). There is also a bad side but it’s he 21st century so we can handle that. If anyone is cyber-bullying or even commenting bad things on your posts it’s better to just ignore it, But if it gets to you talk to a adult or a parental caregiver as they can help you push this side away. Now lets go back to the good side where everyone lives happily and no one gets threatened to do something or gets hurt. The internet is very useful, it has the answer to almost every question in the world.

To conclude LETS PUSH THE BAD SIDE AWAY and stay on the good side because that’s just whats best