Being a good digital citizen

A conversation between two people.

Speak Nicely to each other

I Don’t Appreciate people swearing at me. So neither should you, never be a bystander If someones getting bullied don’t take it as a joke take it seriously.

How can I be a good digital citizen?

You need to be a responsible digital citizen when using social media.

How to be a good digital citizen

This poster contains happy pictures along with instructions on how to be a good digital citizen. I hope you enjoy!

Be Safe Online

Beware of Scams

I am a digital Citizen

Remember to be safe online. Protect yourself and your personal information.

How To Be Kind Online

Be the friend online that you would in real life.
Kinds Words
and Nice.

Don’t post things that you could offend people.

How to stay safe online

A google search on how to stay safe online

Be Safe Online

No matter who you are – “Be safe Online”.

Being a Good Digital Citizen

Poster gives 4 tips on being a good digital citizen for children my age. It tells us to be brave, cyber smart and respectful.