Stay Cybersmart!

This is a poster that I have created not only to enter the competition, but to show to others how to stay safe online and be ‘Cyber smart’. It talks about what to do online to stay safe and what not to do online. I hope you enjoy it!

How To Be Cybersmart!

You need to know how to be cybersmart. This poster will show you how! If you cant be cybersmart online things can go badly. So this should help you a lot is you don’t know how to be cybersmart.

The good side of the internet!

On my poster I put a spotify picture because I love dancing to music and this is where I get my music from,
The earth on my poster stands for learning about animals and places around the world,
The paintbrush, pencil and colourful paints stand for the craft instructions I find to make cool crafts,
and the trade me logo is on there because if you sell things on trade me then you don’t have to chuck them away in the bin.

Connecting us to the world

My poster has a brain in the middle because the brain has lots of connections to different things just like the internet.

The internet is good because it connects us to websites that help us learn, discver stuff and create things.

My aunty and cousin live in england but we can see them and talk to them all the time wherever we are in the world.

The interent connects our brain to even mOre information.