What does a good digital citizen do?

It is a privilege to have the technology that allows us access to the internet and cellular networks. Responsibility is really at the heart of digital citizenship. To be responsible, we need to be informed about the digital world. … The most important areas of respect we should demonstrate as a digital citizen are in my poster.

What does a good digital citizen do?

Digital citizenship is a term that refers to being responsible when using the Internet. It is kind of like the manners and etiquette of the Web. To be a part of the digital world and to participate in this sharing of information, certain responsibilities are required. My poster will tell you what you need to know.

How to make the INTERNET a safer place!!!!!

My poster explaines what you can do to make the INTERNET a safer and happier place.
The INTERNET is something we all have and it’s a great tool for learning teaching searching etc,the INTERNET is basically what you choose it to be,but this doesn’t mean that it’s safe. It’s your responsability to make sure that it’s safe.
Keeping your identity, personal information such as PASSWORDS,EMAILS, BIRTHDAYS etc, to your selfis a great way.

Age: 9