Lenny’s Cyber Safety

I am sharing the information that I have learned from school about Cyber Safety.

Wanted: Good Digital Citizens

My poster gives 10 tips to other kids on how to be a good digital citizen. I think the Internet is a fantastic tool, but kids need to be informed and know how to use it safely.

Cyber Bully, No Way!

I did this because when I go on games and I see people saying mean things to other people I feel sad. Even though we can’t see each other it can still make people feel really bad about themselves. A bully is bad in person or online and sometimes people are more mean when they can’t see a person or they don’t know a person. This is one way we can work to keep each other safe online.

Stop Cyber Bullying

My poster is about to stop cyber bullying, I have been cyber bullied before and I don’t want others to have this done to them so it can make their life miserable like Dolly Evveret. I hope you like my poster, and I hope I can stop cyber bullying bye!

How Can I Be A Good Digital Citizen

My poster is about being a good digital citizen and what responsibilities it comes with. It discusses about what you shouldn’t post on your social media, useful helplines, security settings and more! I hope that you’ll vote for me and be safe while surfing the internet!

Magical Digiworld

Digital World is an amazing world for everyone to connect ,explore and experience so many amazing things.
We all can make it a beautiful and safer place by following some simple guidelines and being the Rainbow while guiding others with our special Unicorn powers.

Don’t Break the Code

follow the digital law and don’t hack or be scammed.

Digital Citizen

Cyber bullying causes others to be humiliated, angry and feel isolated.

Be Your Best Digital Self

On any social media you should always post nice things and treat others with respect.

What Makes A Good Digital Citizen?

Being a good digital citizen includes being kind and that everything that you post is permanent.