Stay Brave and Cybersafe!!

This poster is a fun looking poster about how to stay cyber safe.

Everyone can be a good digital citizen

Without cyber bullying, internet is a great place. Let us use it as a helpful tool for doing good things !

the good side of the internet looks like…

My picture is about how the internet is good for a whole lot of good things by just the touch of a button.

The good side to the internet

These are the things to the good side of the internet….

The good things about the internet

My poster shows you the good ways that you can use the internet and the good tools that can help you.

The good side of the internet

My poster show what I think is the good side of the internet.

Two sides of the internet

My poster has two sides of the internet, the good side and the bad side.

It’s not what you think

He or she is not who you think. Never trust a stranger be it in real or virtual world. The internet can be the most knowledgeable place but beware that it is also a double-edged sword.

What’s the Good Side of the Internet?

Mostly, people focus on the bad side of the internet such as bullying. Why don’t we look at the good side of the internet? The internet is always helpful and applicable in many ways. We use apps such as Google Chrome, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. The internet helps us to learn new things, do online shopping and socialize with our friends and family. My poster shows all of these things working together to shape our future in technology.

The internet lead me to mountainbiking

I am a 5 year-old girl named Emily. My parents found a kids mountain biking club on Facebook that was giving free lessons. This is why the internet is awesome and good. It has allowed me to be this cool mountaining biking chic. This club has helped shape who i am. Provided me with wonderfull mentors, forged life long friendships, taught me resilliance, to get back on when I fall. It has taught me how important it is to support all the efforts of my friends and enjoy family time with my mum dad and br other riding