Be Cyber Safe

Hi my name is Charlie and I would like to thank you for viewing my poster, whether or not you vote for it I dont mind. I simply created this in google drawings and used a few royalty free images for example the computer monitor and the binary background. I will probably be posting about it on my blog (https://kaipcharliel.blogspot.com/). I learnt about this competition through Manaiakalani. Thank you once again for viewing my poster.


Don’t get sucked in!

Be careful what you click because you could get into a whole lot of danger! This shows the good and the bad side of the internet. The clouds are showing the fun and friendly side but just beneath a click could be a dark and scary side!

The Good Digital Citizen Sea Monster

My poster is about a super kind and friendly creature named The Good Digital Citizen Sea Monster🦕🐠 She is teaching all her sea creature friends how to be a good digital citizen📱👩‍💻 She is teaching them messages like being respectful, thinking about digital footprints, telling adults if something happens, to think before you click, protect your private information, and to stand up to cyber bullying😊 I hope you like my poster on how to be a good digital citizen😁💻

The Good Side Of The Internet

this shows what the internet (the good side) looks like to me there are many things everyday things us people do ,most of them on the internet, for example you go on your PC you open up chrome and play fortnite online/gta 5/roblox/gmail so i thought those thoughts browsers are good so why don’t i put them on my poster. i drew internet browsers because you can find almost anything on internet browsers ,i mean think about it you can even type random letters on chrome and at least one result will come
i drew some pictures for HALLOWEEN to

halloween is coming up

What the GOOD side of the Internet LOOKS like

Here is my entry about what I like to do while on the Internet.
I have broken my poster into 4 sections
1. Social Media
2. Shopping
3. Music
4. Google

In each of these sections I have drawn apps to show you what I use daily, my poster tells it all, all the while being protected by trend micro as my Mum uses TM on both her IMac and MacBook.

Please rate my poster, your support is greatly appreciated. If I win I would like to use the money towards my year 8 ball and then my College uniform for next year.

The Good Side of the Internet

My entry represents my point of view on the good side of the internet. I think that some areas of the good side of the internet are communicating in friendly ways like chatting with your friends, learning new things and most of all, having fun.

Make sure it’s worth it before you surf it.

The internet is a great place to find information for homework assignments and to see what friends are up to. You can play games and find heaps of cool facts so it can be really fun. However there are many hidden dangers that we need to be aware of so that we can avoid being trapped by them! Being open and having an adult that can see what we are doing on the internet and that will block bad websites so we can’t accidently go into them is a sensible idea. We are all taught about stranger danger in the real world so the same should be on the internet too – if we don’t know someone, don’t talk or share information with them like they are our friend. Use the internet in a positive way and make sure it’s worth it if you are going to surf it. Its not worth it if you get caught up in all the bad things on the internet. Remember to double check before you double click.