NEWS FLASH! How to be a Good Digital Citizen.

Hello, I decided to present my poster in the form of a news report. I tried to fit as many things as possible on how to be a good digital citizen. I had the news reporter, Stan, interview an expert, Olivia, on the topic. I wanted it to be like they are teaching the world about being a good digital citizen, as that is what I wanted my poster to do. I had so much fun making it and I hope you like it too! Thank you for viewing my entry! đŸ™‚

Carry The Good With You

My drawing shows that the good side of the internet feels happy and light. It is easy to carry all these positive and helpful messages. You can play games, watch funny videos, research things, learn new skills, and raise money for charities. This picture shows what the good side of the internet looks like to me.
The bad side of the internet would be heavy in your heart and hard to carry, especially with all the worry, fear and sadness that comes with it.

Cyber Safety-be aware!

This poster is about not talking to strangers and much more. It has lots of information about cyber safety and how to keep safe!

Be Safe on Electronics

Stay safe online and never give personal details! This poster has a little bit of everything you need to know about cyber safety.