Internet safety

I want everyone to stay safe online. We shouldn’t allow any mean coments


Kindness and respect are two of the best things you can show online. There are lots of things you can do to stay safe and happy online! Read about the top three things you can do to prevent unhappiness and feeling unsafe online! With so many social media services, you can never be too careful! If you are a parent, you need to know if your child is having issues online.

If in doubt, check it out!


When online Cool is the new Kind!

My poster is about being kind online. That you shouldn’t fake your age and be respectful.

Don’t be an online BULLY!

This poster is about making sure you are old enough to be online. If you do download the apps you should have your parents permission and you need to be respectful on them.

Don’t be a Bully online!

If you cannot be kind on line then you need to stay off. If you are bullied you need to speak to a responsible adult that you can trust.

Be Safe OnlIne

Cyberbullying is not ok. If you are bullied online then you need to tell someone you can trust. This could be a parent, relative or teacher at school.

How are YOU seen – ON THE SCREEN?

One of my experiences relating to how I got the idea for my poster is when I was scrolling on a public posting website, and I saw my friend’s account. What she posted and commented was so different to the real version of her! I decided that it was important to watch what you post, because it portrays who you are as a digital citizen. Even if it’s not the real you, others just don’t know. So do you want to be seen as a bully, or a GOOD DIGITAL CITIZEN?
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Ways on how to be a good digital citizen.

This poster has not only the creative title it actually have ways on how to be a good digital citizen! I am Cara from Epping public school Australia and hope you love my poster and wish it could be a little bit of help for you!

Being a good digital citizen

This a handy and colorful poster guide to being a GOOD DIGITAL CITIZEN.
It’s very important to be a good digital citizen, especially since today, more and more people connect and use the internet.
Be safe, respect others, and think before you act are 3 main requirements to a good digital citizen.
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Stranger Danger

I got this idea from a talk with my parents. This random person texted me on Skype so I told my parents. They talked me through the dangers of strangers and how some people try to interact with you. That experience inspired me to make this poster so that others will not talk to strangers!