Be cyber safe

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The Good Side of the Internet

There a lot of good side of the internet.internet are really good, they are helping us a lot as we can talk to our friend and family that is far from us or we can contact our friend if there an emergency. The second thing is we can do our work in an easy and fast way and we can present it everywhere we want like google slide google docs and more!. Then when we bored we can play or watch on the internet, there lot of cool app we can use when we bored like some video game or youtube. After that, we can spread everybody about our story when we want to.lastly we can shop online, if we are lazy to go out we can find app and shop without going anywhere it will appear to you like magic. Wow internet is really awesome without internet all this amazing thing won’t happen.

My good side of the internet

These are things that are either great about the internet, or things I like doing on the internet.