How to be a good digital citizen

How to be a good digital citizen

How to be a good digital citizen

This will tell you how to be a good digital citizen

Good Digital Citizen

Be an internet SuperHero

How to be nice online

Things to think before posting something online!

Cyberbullying is not okay

I want to show that we can all be superheroes by sticking up for our friends if they are being bullied online. The super large phone on the left shows how big technology is in our lives. The phone’s Gallery shows ways we can be good digital citizens – be aware of stranger danger, keep private information private, treat people the way you want to be treated, don’t hack or steal money online and be yourself. These are all ways we can leave a positive digital footprint.

How can I Be a Good Digital Citizen?

It has tips on how to be a good citizen in the world of technology. I drew everything by hand with pen & pencil. Hope you love it!


I love spending time on the WEB, I love playing all the new games and that I can learn new things all the time, except times tables.
My mum and dad help me keep safe and have fun.

The Internet Is My Kingdom

My poster is about the different opportunities the internet has offered myself and my family. Without it I do not think we would know as much as we do now about the world. It has brought my family closer and has educated me in a lot of things as long as you know cyber safety you will have a lot of fun! Without the internet I would not know about this competition so I am very glad to have it.