The internet makes me feel GOOD :)

The internet is a FUN and HAPPY place to visit if you stay safe and keep on its GOOD side. I LOVE using the internet because it makes me feel GOOD and keeps me entertained. I used yellow emoji characters to show the internet activities I ENJOY doing the most. The emojis faces show the GOOD emotions I feel… HAPPY, LAUGHTER, EXCITED, HUNGRY, LOVE and SURPRISED. I trust my emotions and if I ever get SCARED or get a BAD feeling I know to be careful and to try to get back on the GOOD side of the internet. Thanks for looking! đŸ™‚ I hope you like my poster!

Draw Over

There is so much bad language on the internet and my parents don’t want me to see that at 9, so I have designed a device where they can use it much like the written word and rub out bad things on the screen or even us a pencil to scribble over crude language

Age: 9

Getting safe with the stamp

My entry is a simple and effective way that parents can ensure they are ‘stamping’ out their children seeing bad images. That way they can share informative text and photographs while also stamping out the ones that aren’t appropriate

Age: 11