Being a good digital citizen

The children in my class created their posters after a very intensive conversation about being a good digital citizen and about ways to be safe in a digital world.

Don’t Type Angry

This poster reminds people that they shouldn’t use angry words in social media. It’s best to wait until you have calmed down!


Read this poster to find out about cyber bullying and being a good digital CITZEN

How to be a good digital citizen

This poster give an example of a good digital citizen helping someone understand being safe online.

The good things that help me every day on the net.

My poster displays all the ways the internet helps me every day, for example communication with friends and family. Also for researching topics of interest such as for my school assignments. Lastly it helps me when i’m stuck on xbox or long division find a tutorial to help.

The Good Side Of The Internet

We constantly use the internet for many incredible purposes. The poster shows that we can use the internet for education, entertainment, socialisation and many other purposes. Many people rely on the internet greatly and many people wouldn’t live without some of these apps in their lives.
A group effort by J.L, V.B, I.H and R.U


There are good and bad things about the internet. You need to make sure you choose the right side.

The internet lead me to mountainbiking

My mum and dad started mountain biking to get fit. They found a group of people who were giving free lessons through Facebook. If it was not for the internet I would not have found a sport I love, a sport I want to improve at.i would not have met amazing people and made awesome friends. This now plays a large role in my life.

Wazza’s – Whats good about the internet

My entry is about how the internet is good so that i can research online and find out about animals/mamals and play cool maths games.


My poster is all about how you can use the internet in many good ways like doing homework, or using google maps if your lost and buying things online which is alot easier to find than having to look through many shops to try and find what your looking for, Also talking to family that live overseas on facebook or skype which is cheaper than using the telephone.