What Does it Mean to You? By B.Fitzi

My poster shows how someone shares too much information with another person and she gets hacked by that person.

Poster by B.Fitzi

Connection by Mila

My poster is about connecting with the world and listening to people when they’re in trouble, so you can help them. It’s all about connection.

Poster by Mila.

Think before you click by Viinie.G

My poster is abut staying on the good side of the internet.

Poster by Vinnie.G

Togetherness by T-bone

My poster is about cyber safety and all the social media where you can connect to people, which is when togetherness happens.

Poster by T-bone

What does the internet mean to the world! by Jacob309

My poster is about whether to have peace or war because of how we use the internet.

Poster by Jacob309

X-Z-Y by J-Rad

My poster is about how the internet really helps to inspire me and I hope my poster encourages people to use it the right way, so we can diminish cyber bullies. Vote for me please!

Poster by J-Rad

Stop the Bullying by SoccerQueen#Ella

This poster is about how people need to learn to get along with each other on the internet. They also need to respect peoples, boundaries, races, religions and beliefs, regardless of how you may think or feel.

Poster by SoccerQueen#Ella

Bright But Follow Some Rules

My poster is bright to attract attention. I want me people to look closer and follow some simple rules. Your bizz is your bizz.

Poster by Shylo

Do You Really Know Who You Are Posting It to?

Computers and the internet are a great way to entertain yourself, however in my poster a cute bunny is posting a picture of herself to a random person. Although this person could be a famous person it isn’t and you really cant be sure if it is not a monster lurking behind the keyboard.

Poster by Dana

Don’t Give People Your Personal Information.

My poster is of two people: a big kid and a little one. It is saying that you don’t know who you are talking to on the other side of the computer, iPad or phone.

Poster by Liam