The Good Side Of The Internet Through My Eyes

I like going on the internet to learn about natural disasters, especially hurricanes,and tornados, it’s interesting to see how they form but it also teaches me how scary and dangerous they can be too.
The internet can be good for talking to your family and friends too.
I really like playing games too like minecraft cause you get to be creative and the play store because you can find lots of apps with games that are good for me and my brother and my sister, but you need the internet to get these things.
Its so fun on YouTube watching funny videos.
I really like insects and the internet helps me to search and learn about the different bugs I find.
You can search and learn lots on the internet.
My poster is what the good side of the internet looks like for me.

I hope you like it.

The Good Side Of The Internet

My poster shows ‘what the good side of the internet looks like’ to me.
I like the internet because you can learn about different subjects on it like geography,maths, and foreign languages. I mostly like going on the net to learn about how to make digital animations as this is something i would really like to do as a job when I grow up.
The internet is also really good for communicating with my friends and family that live in different towns and countries.

If I win I would use the prize money to buy myself some digital animating gear to help fulfill my dream.