Digital citizen: between fellow creatures

We might say something bad, but then we can apologise. If you talk to someone face to face, and you say something bad, they’ll know who you are and are most likely to turn you in. So you won’t say anything bad.Or, the bad thing might’ve been a joke, which your friend could tell by your face. On the internet, that’s different. We can hide in the internet’s shadow, and be a bully from there. We might be joking, but your friend might take it seriously, and be badly injured by your words. Your friendship might be damaged badly, and go from best to enemies.So, on social media: to your friends, anyone, you really have to be careful of what you say. I’ve learnt my lesson- I mean come on, I almost lost a friend! So, my advice is, if it isn’t urgent, then don’t bother with the internet. Just tell them at school, it’s much easier and less risky.

Cyber Citizen Cautions

In an ever changing and revolving world, we are faced with new threats, problems and unsafe situations everyday. A majority of these changes relate to the web, and while it can be a great place to be, we always need to be cautionary and to be prepared for signs of danger. To enjoy new technology and to have fun online, stick to what you know and be safe.

Responsible digital citizenship

Popular Apps like these are not suitable for children – they are either inappropriate or unsafe. This means that if children see inappropriate messages/images/videos, it is very possible that they might experience emotions such as anxiety, fear and sadness because they don’t understand everything. I created this poster so that children understand the examples of cyber bullying and to not do that to others.

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This is my tasty entry!
I have drawn myself ordering from Uber Eats and instantly eating…

~Pizza Hut Cheesy Crust with Pepperoni
~KFC’s Finger Lickin Good Fried Chicken
~Macca’s Fries
~Krispy Kreme Simpsons Donut

Just writing this is making me STARVING!

See you next time!

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Choose Nice

Be nice on the internet and help keep it a safer place by following some simple guidelines.

Safety Device

Nowadays, electronic devices are becoming a part of our life. Without it, you feel like your whole world is dead. But sometimes the internet can be a deadly creation! It can lead you from sad to deeply depressed. Now, this safety detector will help us prevent any of these unexpected things from happening.

Cyber Safety Micro Chip

Since technology is advancing, it is now easier for people to send viruses and hack others’ devices. This is why CSMC should be in every device. You may ask what CSMC is. CSMC is short for Cyber Safety Micro Chip. CSMC backs up all important information whenever you shut down. CSMC also eliminates all viruses. CSMC should be connected to the CPU in every computer. Therefore, the world would be a much safer place.

Safety Scanner

The safety scanner is a helpful device that can keep you safe by showing you if the website is good or bad. If it’s safe, it will give a green tick at the top of the page. If it’s not safe it will give a red ex.

How to be safe on the internet

Many bad things can happen on the internet, which means you always have to be safe. That is why I made this poster. It tells you information you need to know that can help you be much safer. As much as there are good things on the internet, there are many bad things. Make sure you always make good decision and don’t click on anything you don’t know, because it can give your device a virus. I hope you have learnt something and make sure you are always safe.

Internet Safety Solution

The picture represents a little spaceship going to an internet satellite and modifying it so the internet can keep away any bad content on the internet and keep it safe place.