Good Digital Citizen

I think being a good digital citizen is very important. I have seen many people affected by bullying online. I hope my poster helps others to know that it is not good to hurt innocent people. To be a good digital citizen is to stop many lives from being broken. That is why I made this.

Be Cyberwise

How to be smart on the internet and keep safe.

Don’t be Mean Behind the Screen

When all the hate and troubles are getting to you, you need to build a wall against them, brick by brick of kindness keeping the danger out.

Walk With Digital Pride By Following This Guide

This design shares my knowledge of how to be a good digital citizen.
To make this poster I used a app called auto desk sketchbook and my skills from a workshop we did at school

Aiden’s Advice Website

Hi, I’m 8 and I made this poster because some kids have a lot of screen time and sometimes they get bullied on the internet. I wanted to help them learn to avoid bullying on the internet, be safe and be nice to others also.

My picture is a computer because kids would recognise the computer and all the office supplies and the pot plant in front of the computer. I had lots of fun making my poster.

I’m a gr8 digital citizen

I am a gamer and always stand up for my friends online against cyber bully’s. I used big letters on my poster and made it stand out with lots of colours to show that I’m a great digital citizen.


Hey guys my name is Suwienee and I hope you’re having a great day.:)
Today i have decided to make a poster of being a good person online and i hope you like it!
Okay byeee.

HOw to be a Good Digital Citizen

Hey guys!

This is what I think a good digital citizen should follow. Nowadays, people are using more and more technology nowadays so, I think it is very important that people know how to behave online so that everybody is happy and nobody get’s sad or angry.

I hope you learn something from here and hopefully, you can use it in your daily life too 🙂

Thank you ❤🥰

Hope you find this pretty and interesting!!!

By : Shaaruvika Printhan

The Perks of Internet

See the great things you can do online

Amazing Internet

My poster shows some of the amazing things you can do online.