How To Be Safe Online!!!

Learn how to be safe online!Example don’t tell strangers your address or phone number.

Sir Internet of the Good Side

I love knights and dragons so I thought a silver and blue Knight was a good choice to represent the Good Side of the Internet. I had fun drawing this poster and My Brother gave me a couple of good suggestions to include as well.

The bad and good of the internet.

My poster is about the good and bad stuff that can happen in the game Fortnight.

Stop Cyberbullying!

Many kids and teenagers are using the internet in more ways than ever across many forms of social media and apps. Some of them are unfortunately experiencing bullying on some of these apps and it is having an affect on their daily lives. This years theme is “We are connecting to the internet in more ways than ever, so what would you do to make the internet a safer place?” If I was to make the internet a safer place I would create an app that all kids and teenagers can download. If they are being bullied they simply go onto the app and they are able to block and report the person that is bullying them, so that they can no longer reach them online and no cyberbullying is continued. This would make the internet a safer place because kids and teenagers would not have to endure the effects of cyberbullying.

Age: 12

Sir Robbie Rotten

Heli todai i milked a drwaing of sir robbi rottein

Do you believe what they say?

Even though the people who bully may feel good about themselves sometimes their lives are different they may be troubled and sometimes they can end out like the person in my poster. She is a girl who has been bullied about her looks so she tries to look better but that leads to more bulling so everyday when she gets home she hits herself saying that she’s a disgrace and no one will ever be her friend. Everyday she show up to school with more and more bruises and it gets worse and worse, her parents keep fighting and she feels like giving up. So she sits in this corner and thinks, do I really believe what they say.

Good and the Bad of the Internet

The Good and the Bad of the Internet, one side is war and terrorism and all kinds of bad things that represent the bad of the internet and the good side shows the good parts like shopping and video chatting and messaging.

Age: 12

What The Internet Means To Me

The image represents what the internet means to me. In the picture, Pikachu, a character from Pokemon Go, is catching humans. It is the opposite to what is happening today, as humans catch Pokemon’s on the phone’s. The message in the picture is that the internet is catching us and pulling us away from our real lives.

Don’t Get Caught In The Net…

When you are searching on the internet you need to be careful not to get caught in the net by somebody pretending to be a nice person when they are not nice. There are sometimes bad people on the internet trying to catch children out in their net. Sometimes the internet can also be good but you still have to be careful and if you are not sure about something then ask your parents or a teacher.

Don’t Stalk Online

This poster represents the risk people take of being stalked online. Stalking, innocently intended or not, is common. Maybe you stalk your friends, favourite celebrities or are a victim of an online predator.
The border is creepy faces to represent the threat, while the drawings of memes represents innocent intentions.

Anyway, its looks great and the quote is catchy. That’s all that matters.