Warning, Warning, Stay Safe

Warning, Warning, Stay Safe – Think First : Do I know this person??

Staying Safe online

Staying safe online- Don’t give away personal information

Safety First

Safety First – Make sure you follow people you know on Facebook

Internet Safety

I enjoyed creating my poster and I hope everyone learns something from it.

Safety online

What I’m trying to say with this poster is that there are two sides to the internet.

Making the Internetr a Safe Place

Don’t Let anyone know your passwords

Making the internet a Safe Place

Don’t send anyone your private information

Stop Cyber Bullying

My poster shows a boy texting a girl. The guy has texted the girl nasty things after dumping her just to make himself feel better. This is not good, we all need to stop the cycle of hurt caused by cyber bullying on the internet.

Be careful Where You Click

For my poster I displayed a girl making a choice that I think most people would find hard to make and confusing. If I could change one thing about the internet it would be an app that would block harmful pop-up adds. Thank you for your support.

Stop Cyber Bullying

This USB may look like a normal USB, but it is a USB that puts a lock so that no viruses, fake adds, fake games will be downloaded onto your computer. It is finger print coded, so you don’t need to think of a password or provide one and it will rid your computer of existing viruses.

Age: 11