When online Cool is the new Kind!

My poster is about being kind online. That you shouldn’t fake your age and be respectful.

Don’t be an online BULLY!

This poster is about making sure you are old enough to be online. If you do download the apps you should have your parents permission and you need to be respectful on them.

Don’t be a Bully online!

If you cannot be kind on line then you need to stay off. If you are bullied you need to speak to a responsible adult that you can trust.

Be Safe OnlIne

Cyberbullying is not ok. If you are bullied online then you need to tell someone you can trust. This could be a parent, relative or teacher at school.

Don’t Break the Code

follow the digital law and don’t hack or be scammed.

Digital Citizen

Cyber bullying causes others to be humiliated, angry and feel isolated.

Be Your Best Digital Self

On any social media you should always post nice things and treat others with respect.

What Makes A Good Digital Citizen?

Being a good digital citizen includes being kind and that everything that you post is permanent.

Be A Good Digital Citizen

Rumours, teasing and name calling are all signs of a cyber bully.

Words Hurt Even If Their On A Screen

Words hurt even if you don’t say them directly to the person.