Don’t give away clues to your private information

My poster is about how you have to keep your private information to yourself. Your private information should not be shared with anyone, as your business is your business. Treat your personal information as precious gold and jewels locked in a treasure chest. Do not give any clues to help find your treasure chest. ‘Pirates that sail the internet’ and others will steal your treasure (personal information).Don’t put inappropriate images or words on the web. Stay safe around the internet, use it wisely and be aware.

Never Accept Stranger Emails

I think it’s important to know who you are communicating with.

Never trust a person you’ve never met.

People online may not be who they say they are so don’t share too much if you don’t know them.

Poster by Dylan.

Report It!

Keep safe online and don’t do anything or share anything that might put you in danger. Remember to Report it!

Poster by Talulla.

Cyber bully

No one has the right to bully you online because your business is your business!

Poster by Rupert.

Password safety

Don’t share your password or you might regret it!

Poster by Janice.


Stay safe and don’t share too much personal stuff online.

Poster by Matthew.

Who are you really talking to?

Don’t give personal information away because someone may harm you.

Poster by Jessica.

Stay Smart Online

Tips for staying safe online and remembering that your business is your business!

Poster by Hayley.


Remember to stay safe online.

Poster by Cooper