What does the internet mean to you? by Noah L

What does the internet mean to you?

Poster by Noah L.

What does the internet mean to you? by Peter J

What does the internet mean to you?

Poster by Peter J.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the Internet

The good shows how we use the Internet to learn to find answers to our questions, to communicate on social media, to educate others & ourselves, to entertain ourselves by watching & playing & to shop online from places all over the world. The bad shows how people can talk to those they don’t know online because these strangers could be liars or scammers. People can become addicted to a game & they might want to try what they see online in real life. The ugly shows the darker side of the Internet. Some people believe who they are talking to & agree to meet them. If you’re doing things illegally on the Internet like hacking you can be arrested. Being stalked online can lead to cyber bullying. People hide behind their screen names to say nasty things to people & this can lead to depression. The Internet can be a mix of good, bad and ugly. It is important to embrace the good & are made aware of the bad & ugly to educate ourselves & others of the appropriate way to behave online.

Posts are Public!

This poster explains that anything that is posted on the internet can be seen by anyone. I related posting on the internet to posting something on a billboard to show just how public internet posts are.

Good & b@d of the online world by Lucas

This poster shows all of the good and bad things about the internet. I love playing games, Literacy Planet, Mathletics, recording videos at school and seeing friends on Skype at home. But if you’re not safe people can hack you, you might see inappropriate videos or people can call you names. I think the internet and being online is the best!

Poster by Lucas.

I see with my virtual eye

My entry shows that I can see, hear and do so many different sorts of things on the internet. Mostly good, but I always need to be careful .

#awesome internet by Jake

The internet is helpful for shopping, chats, games, school stuff, YouTube and movies. I think it is a lot of fun. I made this poster to show some of the ways I use the internet. If I didn’t have the internet I know there wouldn’t be any cyberbullying or worry about communicating with strangers, but I would miss out on so many fun things as well.

Poster by Jake

Be Careful on the Internet by Isabelle

You can feel many emotions when you are online. You can be excited, shocked, scared, heartbroken, or loveable. You should always only ever send something to somebody that you know. Don’t get into anything mean if it doesn’t include you!
I enjoy using the internet for social media and staying in touch with people I don’t see every day.
Always be careful on the internet and don’t share your passwords.

Poster by Isabelle

Internet Safety by Mia

I drew this poster to let people know that if you’re chatting online you don’t always know who you’re chatting to!! When a virus appears you need to remember that their not true and they always lead to trouble that can cause more viruses on your computer.

Poster by Mia

#cybers@afe by Sienna

You can get hacked on your device,
You can play games.
The internet makes me have fun.

Poster by Sienna