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Enternet – All the goods things

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Im Chloe and im 10, I really love the Internet, It teaches me things, it teaches me about places, people, animals, everything i dont already know.
It helps me communicate with my friends, we can still talk after school. I get heaps of craft ideas. I learned how to bake and decorate cakes from watching you tube. Ive learned alot about puppies, (which i would like to get) and i know how to be responsible now,The internet helped me understand how other people are like around the world, some are going badly starving and others are doing great, i know i cant help the world but its good to be aware of it around us. I have read alot of things on the internet, and my favorite thing to do is watch life hacks om youtube, plus i love watching the slime videos, it looks so cool.
Me and my dad also watch older muscian’s singing and playing in their bands on youtube, i like the songs better than the new songs today that really don’t make sense sometimes in their lyrics

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