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Cyber Security for Kids

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Even though the Internet is very fun and useful, it is also an extremely dangerous place. How do you know who is chatting to you in Facebook? Or who is looking at your photos in Instagram? They may appear to be kids like you, but may not be so. This poster shows several ways to make kids use the Internet safely.
Technologically, we can use the ‘Kid Safe App’, which blocks unwanted people in social media, unwanted websites or inappropriate content. Firewalls and antiviruses can block viruses and hackers. Hackers often have machines that can produce millions of passwords every second to try unlock your personal data You should make your passwords hard to decode, to avoid having your identity stolen. While not widely used yet, using fingerprint as password will be harder to break. It is also important to educate children about the dangers of the Internet and parents should be able to monitor what kids do on the Internet. We should implement these to make Internet safer for us.

Age: 10

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