What's Your Story - 2019 Entry

Put Your Best Digital Foot Forward!

By:   Missy_Me


Age Group:   8 - 12
Location:   New Zealand
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Thank You For Viewing My Entry!
I modified the old saying “Put You Best Foot Forward” to represent the new digital age!
The 0s and 1s inside the foot depicts binary code.


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  1. beenasimon (2 weeks ago)

    Excellent work. The thought process that has gone into this work displays deep rooted understanding of digital tolerance.

  2. simonpeter (2 weeks ago)

    Excellent, a carefully thought and conceived suggestions. Well done.

  3. bonnypilo (1 week ago)

    Perfect. A dignified message. A Digital Ambassador.

  4. rachelpilo (1 week ago)

    Well done Ankita!yes! Teach them young…love your depiction of ‘ best foot forward’

  5. Amminieapen (1 week ago)

    I think its a very commendable project.you have thought it out very well….your ‘foot’ is a unique idea , and an excellent piece of art

  6. miriamvar (1 week ago)

    Well thought of! I like the slogan and the colours. Also like that you have included the binary code. You have researched well Missy_Me!