What's Your Story - 2019 Entry

Keep Safe Online

By:   KateKangaroo


Age Group:   8 - 12
Location:   Australia
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My poster has lots of pictures and notes about how to be safe online and what might happen if you’re not. It also has some dot points about how to be a good digital citizen. My poster is very colourful with pom poms and glitter glue.



  1. lyndakwiatkowski (1 week ago)

    I love your poster!

  2. kylieholbeck (1 week ago)

    Well done Kate. Good luck

  3. Moosh (1 week ago)

    Great presentation and full of information easy to understand

  4. karentierney (1 week ago)

    Love it ❣️❣️

  5. moyatierney (1 week ago)

    Great work Kate xx

  6. biancaseaton (1 week ago)

    Amazing Kate, such a great poster with some really great info! Well done 🙂

  7. tammymcguire (1 week ago)

    Great work Kate.

  8. donnamoore (1 week ago)

    Great work Kate

  9. lynnecargill (1 week ago)

    Good advice

  10. juliemarinac (1 week ago)

    This is awesome.

  11. Danedgar1 (1 week ago)

    Great job! Love the pom poms!

  12. louiseokeeffe (1 week ago)

    Colourful & informative Kate!

  13. margaretharwin (1 week ago)

    Great presentation

  14. tonischmalkuchebrough (1 week ago)

    Great work Kate! Such an important issue which needs to talked about more with kids your age. You ROCK!

  15. coralstevenson (7 days ago)

    looks fantastic Little Miss K good luck

  16. heidi-mareefitzgerald (7 days ago)

    Awesome poster!

  17. marktierney (6 days ago)

    Well done♥️

  18. lisahingst (4 days ago)

    I like all of your information about being safe online! Well done.

  19. taniacareywennermark (4 days ago)

    Well done Kate! Very informative!

  20. Kerfacta (4 days ago)

    Good job KateKangaroo!

  21. brendaveenbaas (4 days ago)

    Great poster Kate. Well done and best wishes in competition.

  22. Mixy (4 days ago)

    Good luck Kate Nan

  23. Kacey (4 days ago)

    Good work Kate

  24. lyndellroberts (4 days ago)

    That’s a very important message Kate.

  25. dorothyhambrecht (4 days ago)

    I really like your poster, Kate. Well done.

  26. lisatierney (4 days ago)

    Well done!

  27. dandofamily@hotmail.com (4 days ago)

    Go Kate!

  28. cyndibaker (3 days ago)

    Fantastic job!

  29. traceyinguanzo (3 days ago)

    Love it Kate. Well done!

  30. andreacolbran (3 days ago)

    Great job

  31. erinreed (3 days ago)

    Good luck Kate!!

  32. Randall (2 days ago)

    Very good information