What's Your Story - 2019 Entry

Wanted: Good Digital Citizens

By:   stellab


Age Group:   8 - 12
Location:   Australia
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My poster gives 10 tips to other kids on how to be a good digital citizen. I think the Internet is a fantastic tool, but kids need to be informed and know how to use it safely.



  1. staceydwyer (1 week ago)

    Fantastic poster! So informative!!

  2. vanessadwyer (1 week ago)

    Great poster, Stella! Some really good tips here!!

  3. Nat (1 week ago)

    Very Well done.

  4. billie-jobischoff (1 week ago)

    Great poster Stella! Good job

  5. Nicky (1 week ago)

    Good clear information

  6. darellehorsford (1 week ago)

    Such a well set out and easy to read poster. The tips are practical and show students how easy it is to be Good Digital Citizen!! Well done

  7. mattnicholas (1 week ago)

    Great tips for everyone

  8. RylieP (1 week ago)

    Well done, Stella. Great tips to pass on to other students.

  9. shanejohnson (1 week ago)

    Awesome work Stella you have done a great job

  10. suebuckby (1 week ago)

    Well done Stella.

  11. catherineatthow (1 week ago)

    Great Poster!! Well done x

  12. liezelferreira (1 week ago)

    Great tips even for adults! Well done Stella.

  13. Kss69 (1 week ago)

    10 out of 10 Stella

  14. natashazajaz (1 week ago)

    Well done Stella, I will share this with my daughter who is the same age as you. Thank you for helping to educate others in being a digital citizen

  15. carlikapor (1 week ago)

    Wow! Very Well Done Stella. ❤️

  16. BrookeMcCann (1 week ago)

    Awesome information for kids, Stella. Well done!

  17. ruth.meakin (7 days ago)

    Great work Stella! Good Luck.

  18. Gabbo (6 days ago)

    Well done! Great poster. Ka pai!

  19. Gabbo (6 days ago)

    Great poster. Ka pai!

  20. kassiebaird (6 days ago)

    Fantastic work Stella xx

  21. jessentyahowe (5 days ago)

    Fantastic Work Stella!!! You have pur vote

  22. juliecudbertson (4 days ago)

    Great work!

  23. amandaham (4 days ago)

    Fantastic Poster Stella! Well done!

  24. TaniaBolger (4 days ago)

    Wonderful tips Stella! Well done!

  25. belindamumford (4 days ago)

    Loving this poster! Very clever design, very relatable to children, I for one will definately be showing this to my kids. Well done Stella.

  26. clintableitner (4 days ago)

    Amazing! job.

  27. curtisstase (2 days ago)

    Love it

  28. sb (2 days ago)

    Proud of you Stella. You put a lot of thought into your poster. I hope other kids can benefit from your tips.

  29. andrewb (2 days ago)

    Love it, Stella. Cool poster

  30. abrown (2 days ago)

    Go Stel!